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Name:Saxon Chance Bennett
Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Saxon Chance Bennett Saxon Bennett was born in Savannah, Georgia and he was the second-born son to the family, following his brother, Sawyer. He was five years following Sawyer, but they were still close. Sawyer was an awesome big brother, but they were quite different in personality. Sawyer was a more peaceful guy, where Saxon was the rough sporty type. He was Quarterback for the high school football team, and one of the popular guys at school. He had piles of friends and from a young age, wanted to be a cop.

But Saxon never really liked the small-town Southern upbringing. He knew he was gay, and didn't like the fact he would probably be frowned upon by his parents because of it. He was never ashamed of it, but he never told his family about it either. Not even Sawyer at the time. Being the outgoing kid he was, he ended up running away from home when he was 16 after Sawyer was gone to live with friends, two brothers, in the next town over. Despite his parents' best attempts to try to get him to come home, they soon let him stay with his friends under the proviso he keep going to school. His friends knew he was gay, and accepted him despite it. Ultimately, he ended up losing his virginity to one of the brothers. He always knew that the moment high school was done, he was going to get out of the South and live somewhere more accepting of who he was.

Saxon was still in high school when Sawyer left to join the Marines. He always thought his brother's decision was cool and he respected it more than words could say. Though, it was never easy having a brother he adored in the military with that ever-present fear they could get a call that he was killed on deployment. Fears were realised when Sawyer was badly injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Saxon was well on his career path into his Bachelor of Criminal Justice at the John Jay College in New York City when news of Sawyer's terrible tragedy had come. It was during his time here that he met Euan Fitzpatrick. The only way Saxon had been able to cope with the horror of it all was throwing himself into his study and he ended up getting near perfect grades and topping his class. This lead to him being offered a place Oxford University in England to study the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Sawyer was still in a coma when Saxon finished at John Jay. It was the hardest thing in the world for him not to have been able to get to see his brother when he was in such a terrible state. It was also near impossible to make the decision to continue his education in England, but he couldn't just throw away the fact he knew he was excelling in the field of criminal justice. Sawyer was eventually returned to a military hospital in the US, and before Saxon left for England, he was finally allowed to see him. He knew then that his brother wasn't the same person he had been growing up. He was broken and lost, riddled with PTSD. As sad as it was, it was easier for Saxon to leave the country to go to Oxford than try to cope with seeing his brother in such a bad way.

Before leaving for England, Saxon did go to visit Georgie, the mother of Sawyer's baby boy, Finlay. The little boy was adorable with a head full of dark hair just like Sawyer and Saxon had when they were infants. He had his mom's green eyes, though. It was the first time Saxon had been able to meet Fin, and in many ways, he was glad he was still a baby and too young to understand what happened to his dad. It was there that Georgie expressed fears and concerns over how Sawyer could remain in Fin's life in a capacity Fin would need. Saxon suggested to her that she talk to Sawyer about it, to at least let him still have the power over making decisions for his kid when he had lost power in so much else over his life, including his mobility. It was the last time Saxon ever saw Fin. He made the choice to settle in England, and upon finishing college at Oxford, started a job as an Investigator with Scotland Yard.

The brothers stayed in touch. Throughout his recovery, Saxon flew home to the US to visit Sawyer many times, and once Sawyer began to regain his strength, he travelled to England to see the life Saxon had established for himself. In the meantime, Saxon became close friends with his partner, a lesbian who asked if he would be the sperm donor for her and her partner to have a baby together. During this time, Saxon was soon told he was infertile when all attempts to commence the process failed. It was saddening news for a little while, but never really having a desperate desire for children of his own at that point in his life, he accepted it and moved on.

Now, two higher forces have pointed to to Saxon needing to return to the US... namely, to New York City where his brother now lived. Firstly, an email from Sawyer in a bit of a panic that Fin was coming to live with him after getting caught up with a drug offence that wasn't his fault. Saxon knew that email alone told him his brother needed him. The second was an ordeal that Saxon's partner, Brennan Vance, suffered in the City of New York.

Brennan, just shy of nine years younger than Saxon, is a fashion model. He was in New York City walking for the high profile fashion show where fellow model, Lincoln Cole, was viciously stabbed and nearly murdered right by him on the catwalk. Ever since that horrible event a few months prior, Brennan, just like Sawyer, has been suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just prior to this, Saxon was planning on proposing to Brennan but now he has felt nothing but useless of how to help him. Brennan has withdrawn and reacted by quitting modelling. Discussing the whole situation with Euan, who was heading the investigation into Lincoln's stabbing who had discovered Brennan was Saxon's partner in realising Brennan would need to be called as witness in the trial for the stabbing, Euan offered Saxon a job to cover Angela Ashwood's maternity leave if he felt he needed to come to NYC to be with his brother.

Saxon knew what he had to do. With Brennan not working, they both decided to come stay in New York indefinitely for the time being. Saxon can meet Fin, who is now 16 years old, and Brennan can meet Sawyer and spend time with him talking about how he got back on his feet (or one foot, as Sawyer was left an amputee). Though, to t his point, Saxon hasn't told his brother he's met someone and fallen in love because he wanted tot ell him in person. In the process, Saxon hoped Brennan might be able to see Lincoln with his own eyes to hopefully combat the worst of the PTSD so he can not throw away an entire career where he is a well-known and successful internationally.

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